Here's What It Looks Like When A Drone Crashes Into A C-130

This must have been incredibly terrifying! Imagine rumbling along in your massive C-130 gunship over Afghanistan, when KABOOM, a UAV slams into your wing and tears a big chunk out if it. Now imagine having to land like that.

sUAS News relays the following dispatch from the scene:

On closer inspection I could see a part of the one blade had been broken off the No 2 Engine which seemed to not have feathered fully, the massive hole in the left wing had broken the fuel tank, and was told that they believe the wing, main spar and wing box was also bent.

I'm still wondering if she will ever get airborne again but if not, she had done one hell of a last flight and the crew must have done an amazing job getting the wounded bird down on what is one of the more challenging runways I've ever seen. Not often that you get to hear of survivors of a mid-air collision.

No word on how the RQ-7 drone fared after the smash -- probably not well! -- but it must have been one hell of a battering ram. Each RQ-7 weighs up to 170kg with a full payload, and travels at speeds up to 217km/h. Now imagine that hitting you while you're tens of thousands of feet in the air -- probably worse than a lot of anti-aircraft fire. Major congratulations to the crew for bringing the air truck down safely, and for not peeing their pants in the process. The best and the brightest, for real. [sUAS News via DefenseTech]


    There is nothing new under the sun! In the Second World War at least one Lancaster bomber had about 5' of one wing torn off after hitting the cable of a barrage balloon; the aircraft was able to return home.

    In Australia a DC3 was flown from an NT city to one of the sourthern cities with one wing from a DC2. The DC2 is somewhat smaller than a DC3 and the aircraft was flown in this assymetric condition without incident. I can't remember the two cities involved.

    Here's hoping they can repair it.

    Oh yes the flight of the "DC2.5" flown from Darwin.

    In 1983 an Israeli F-15 pilot landed with only 1 wing after a mid-air collision with a Skyhawk:

    UAV offline.

      COD reference LOL!

    Those aren't gunships ;)

    Quin, The Ac-130 is a gunship, the airframe is the same as the transports... (previously AC-47 ever since vitenam)
    a (think) 105mm Howitzer/gun/cannon mounted amidships, allows to circle a target and cone in for firing.
    That is if the 'A' in the title is for the designation, it really should be An AC-130 gunship, then, or a C-130 transport.

    Gizmodo should really check its facts.. initial reports indicate the C-130 hit the UAV from behind.

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