Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Toy Shakes And Rolls Like The Real Thing

It's been 27 years (!) since Ghostbusters came out but the crazy far off gadgets they used to snag bad guys are still awe inspiring. Take this Ghost Trap by Mattel, it's ridiculously detailed with sound, shake, and moving effects.

The guys at Ghostbuster Fans and Southern California Ghostbusters went into deep detail with the Ghost Trap and came away impressed. There's two modes: prop, which opens the trap door and lights up when you step on the pedal, and movie, where it does all that with sound effects, shakes and rolls. It's supposed to be released this October with a sticker price of $US135. Expensive? Yes. But so is re-living your childhood fantasies. [GBFans, SoCalBusters via UberGizmo]

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