Harvey: “Australians Should Be As Happy As Pigs In Sh*t”

Harvey: “Australians Should Be As Happy As Pigs In Sh*t”

Harvey Norman took in $2.7 billion last year, and profits were up 9 per cent. Gerry Harvey’s still not particularly happy or optimistic about retailing in Australia, though.

A Sydney Morning Herald article unpacks the retail giant’s year-on-year figures, as well as speaking to executive chairman Gerry Harvey. Harvey Norman managed to turn its $2.7 billion revenue into $252.26 million profit, according to the report. It also states that Harvey Norman has stores in Slovenia, something most folks probably didn’t know. No word on how much (if any) profit’s been turned by the Harvey Norman Big Buys project, though.

In any case, continuing something of a trend in recent months, he’s not happy about his retail figures, telling the Herald that he couldn’t understand sagging rates of consumer confidence and thus spending. But not in a business-heavy analytical way, because, after all, this is Gerry Harvey. The paper quotes him thusly:

“With unemployment at 5 per cent and a resources boom we should all be happy as pigs in shit”

Has Gerry Harvey been taking elocution lessons from Ruslan Kogan recently? [SMH]

Image: Getty (Gerry with Tara Reid at Magic Millions Horse Racing Carnival, Gold Coast, January 2011)