Gaddafi Reportedly Flees As Mobile Phone Rebellion Spreads Across Tripoli

Gaddafi Reportedly Flees As Mobile Phone Rebellion Spreads Across Tripoli

Reports are coming in from the regions that Muammar Gaddafi and his sons have fled Libya. Al Jazeera reports that Pro-Gaddafi residents in Tripoli have gotten texts telling them to “eliminate agents with weapons”.

Tweets from the region show that anti-Gaddafi fighters have answered the call to take to the streets. Explosions and gunfire have been heard on the in the city, and spokesman Moussa Ibrahim is said to be preparing to address the nation.

Update: According to NBC’s Richard Engel, spokesman Ibrahim has addressed the country, stating that the rebels have been routed and the streets are safe. Sounds like doublespeak. The rebels are still there.

Update: Up to now, there have been a lot of conflicting reports about whether or not the fighting has stopped. Reuters reports that the fighting has subsided, but it’s not clear where. Meanwhile, tweets have been coming in that the Pro-Gaddafi forces are scared. If anyone can translate this walkie-talkie transmission, sound off in the comments.

More information is coming in about rebels freeing prisoners and capturing operation rooms in Tripoli, Misurata and Zintan, affecting Pro-Gaddafi fighters’ fuel and ammunition lines.

As unrest spreads in the region, both factions competing to be heard, CNN has confirmed that Libyan leader Gaddafi has not fled the country. On state television, Gaddafi called the rebels “traitors” and “rats”, asking citizens to rise up against them. Par for the course. In the meantime, his forces have apparently been weakened and Tripoli has been struck by heavy NATO shelling.

Photo: AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills