Fujifilm's F600EXR Lets You Hunt The Best Shooting Spots Via GPS

Fuji's latest point-and-shoot isn't anything particularly jarring — a 16MP sensor, 15x optical zoom and 1080p video capture — but the inclusion of built-in GPS navigation sounds pretty neat. Find great new vistas, and record your secret favourites.

The Landmark Navigator GPS tech offers a collection of around a million spots, allowing you to trek to those nearby with the aid of the camera. Or if you stumble upon a great scene, you can add to the list. Even cooler? The FinePix F600EXR will record the route you took on any given photo outing, showing your path, the pics you took along the way, and letting you plot the whole trip to Google Maps. Geotagging is only becoming more and more fun. [Fujifilm]

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