Every Horrible Wrinkle Is Visible In Microsoft's 3D Modelling Software

Even if your skin resembles a dewy peach more than Daniel-Craig-as-Mikael-Blomkvist, be worried: Microsoft's 3D modelling is the most advanced ever built; capable of showing every wrinkle in your face. Naturally, it could be added to Kinect in the future.

As you can see in the example above, expressions are replicated flawlessly in the software created by Microsoft's Research Asia arm. While Microsoft is very excited about the potential of the system, they realise there's still some work to be done in capturing movements to the eye and lip areas, plus ensuring that it doesn't rely on too much processing power to work. At the very least it could be built into Kinect at a later stage, for games to play off a gamer's emotions, but Microsoft is hopeful they can use it in conferencing situations as well. [Geekwire via TNW via Geekosystem]

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