Every Airline Should Board Passengers Like This

Boarding a plane is a completely miserable, time-consuming experience. How often are you left waiting for that oversized man jam his oversized luggage into the undersized overhead compartment? Ridiculous! That's why every airline needs to try this new boarding method. It cuts the time in half.

Amazingly, it was invented by Dr Jason Steffen, an astrophysicist in his day job but a man more adept at running aeroplanes than the airlines themselves. In his method, window seats on alternate rows on one side of the plane boards first. Then alternating window seats on the other side. Then alternating middle seats on the original side, then alternating middle seats on the other side. And then on and on and on until the plane is filled. Watch the video, you'll see a perfectly choreographed dance that maximies aisle space and overhead compartments.

Steffen figured out this method using the Monte Carlo optimisation method and promises that it can cut boarding time in half. It won't cure the ineptitude of airlines in other areas but it can make air travel less of a pain in the arse. Who's in? [WBEZ via Consumerist]


    Whether this would actually makes a difference in real world is uncertain. Loading still happens while you stand in the aisle. Some people will disrupt the routine because they are running late for their boarding group - especially with this many group divisions.

    Also, Monte Carlo optimisation method? This kind of tripe is what corporate management spends time coming up with - some glorified sounding name for a very simple processes. It keeps them employed, and your shareholder dollar drained into their pockets for nothing substantial but fancy names.

    Doesn't work - airlines have already tried and tested most methodologies. Issue is that passengers travel in groups/families and do not want to be split up.

      Also people are just dumb. I fly domestic a lot in smaller planes with two-entry points. And people can't even follow those simple directions.

      "What? I'm aisle 20? I enter via the rear door? Fuck that. I'll just follow this guy"

      So you get the entire aisle clogged up either way. This is a simple direction and they can't even do that, let alone 'complex' ones like this.

    read the wiki, Monte Carlo method is full on legit. You see it a lot with computer simulation optimization.

    What kind of prep is needed to get passengers on in the right order and complying with the process?

    I remember reading a study on loading optimization and the fastest was just to let people get on without any order at all! Sorry, no reference so maybe I was dreaming it?

    The fastest way to get people to board a plane, no overhead bins. They can only have luggage that fits under the seat. Helps with getting off the plane too. The amount of time people spend trying to shove their crap up there is ridiculous.

    Also you can do a monte carlo optimisation in excel, it's really not that fancy JL.

    I was on a virgin plane heading from Brisbane to Adelaide. As the plane was running late and Adelaide airport has a curfew, they had to load the plane really quickly.

    How it happened
    32 aisles on the plane.
    on the left of the boarding platform they lined up from 16 -32
    on the right they had from 15-1

    When the plane docked 16-32 entered from the rear door and the 15-1 entered from the front.

    Within 3 minutes most people were seated even with putting up the luggage above. Although i do wish it was only stuff you could put under the seat in-front *except emergency isle*

    @ 1:05.
    Shouldn't this guy be drunkenly stumbling around a store somewhere trying to by more beer?

    The squashed 16:9 in 4:3 video is killing my eyeballs.

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