Dusters Finally Join The Rest Of Us In The 21st Century

Thanks to the quirky chaps at Yanko, the humble duster — that feathery thing you never use over in the storage closet right now — has received a conceptual makeover involving static electricity called the Du.Static.

The name is a combination of dust (yuck!) and static (yay!). Static, as in static electricity, which is what designers say can be used in an on and off fashion to attract dirt from all sorts of places around the home.

Du.Static "cleaned up" *groan* at the 2011 Sparks Awards with a silver medal.

Du.Static's base doubles as an air purifier.

The Du.Static did not fare well with wizards during focus testing. Several of their kind lost their lives when they mistakenly reached for their Du.Static and surrounded themselves with a dust cloud instead of an invisibility cloak. [Yanko]

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