Don't Put Your iPad On A Custom Pillow, Because It Makes No Sense

Tablets are great, and clutching them is a big heaping part of the fun! But you need a case, because you don't want your baby slate to crack or scuff or shatter. Slipping it in a pillow is idiotic.

Under what circumstances would this make sense? Are your knees made out of some crumbly bone paste that can't support an iPad? Are you a cat? Are you a baby? Are you bedridden? Do you like to watch YouTube vids by pressing your face directly against the screen? Are you attending one of Kate Middleton's aristocratic pillow fights? Are you an idiot?

Couldn't you just put your iPad onto a... regular pillow? Is the slight depression in the ePillow what's going to make all the difference for you? Can't you just put the iPad on your crotch like a normal person? Or a table? Or your knees?

Are you allowed to put non-iPad tablets onto the ePillow? Can you just use the ePillow for sleeping, even if you don't own any tablet at all? Why does this exist? Why? Who is responsible for this? Why couldn't they have just tried a little harder? Why? [ePillow]

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