Diver Of Course Gets Bitten After Trying To French Kiss A Shark

Dave Marcel is an experienced deep-sea diver and shark lover. On routine diving tours, he likes to attract the generally docile nurse shark over, and invites people to give them hugs and kisses. Aww. Only this time he went for the lips. And then the obvious happens.

Once again, Marcel is a pretty experienced diver and knows his way around shark courtship. The nurse shark is considered to be one of the more approachable sharks in nature, so planting one on their bellies is often pretty benign. But that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. These guys eat stingrays, the animal that took Steve Irwin down, for breakfast. So kissing one on the mouth? A little riskier. Spider-Man frenching one? Crazy.

Marcel contends that the animal probably didn't mean to hurt him. It just couldn't tell that he wasn't food, what with its being upside-down and all. Maybe if he looked into eyes then? [Huffington Post]

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