Digital Radio Jumps To 7.6% Of Australian Radio Listening

Digital radio finally launched in Australia back in August 2009, and two years on, 7.6 per cent doesn't seem like much. Until you note that two per cent of that growth came in the last six months alone. New industry data suggests that almost a million people now listen to digital radio in the five state capitals — are you one of them?

I hate to say it, but I've never really bothered. I've got my phone, MP3s, podcasts, and Ministry of Sound app streaming local radio. That's always felt like enough despite the cleaner sound of DAB+, extra digital-only stations, tuning by station name, plus scrolling info for tracks and weather. It's also great to see you can get DAB+ integrated in your car stereo.

According to the GFK Marketscope Q2 2011 report, 508,462 digital radios have now been sold. If you're tuned in, could you go back? If you're not — are you in the wait and see pattern like me? [Digital Radio Plus]

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