Did The SEALS Who Shot Bin Laden Have Helmet Cams?

Remember how Navy SEAL Team Six caught the entire raid on Bin Laden's compound on helmet cams? Yeah, well, that may not have happened. It's just one of multiple unexplained discrepancies from the raid.

As Mother Jones notes, initial reports and follow up in-depth reporting all mentioned that the SEALS were wearing helmet cams. Yet in Nicholas Schmidle's gripping account in the New Yorker, helmet cams were notably absent. As Schmidle reports "The SEALs were not wearing helmet cams, contrary to a widely cited report by CBS."

While that may seem a minor detail, it's key to many others. If there is helmet cam footage, it can answer lots of key questions. Was Bin Laden armed? Did he use his wives or daughters as a human shield? What exactly went down? Like Mother Jones, I'm certain I'll never see that footage myself, but it seems important to know whether or not it exists and if so, who has (or has had) access to it.

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