Desired: Battle The Darkness With This Badass Pocket-Sized Torch

What the lights go out, don't be screwed. You think that little discount store torch is good enough? Give it an hour until it flickers dead and leaves you blind. The Solarforce M6, though — that's your pint-sized lifeline.

God created light on the first day because without light, it's impossible to do anything. When the lights go out — maybe because of, I don't know, a a hurricane — I want a mega-powerful, super-efficient LED torch in my sock drawer, not some cheap plastic piffle that'll dim out on me.

The six-inch Solarforce also weighs just 142g, meaning it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and light enough to carry around in your pocket. At full power, it'll shine brighter than a 40-watt bulb for two hours. If you dial back the brightness, though, the batteries should last you through the night.

At $US63, the Solar Force M6 costs more than a Mini Maglite, but unlike a Mag, the the M6 is housed in a titanium case that's completely waterproof. When the shit hits the fan — and water fills the basement — you'll be glad your torch is built for survival.

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