Deep Vein Thrombosis Kills 20 Year Old Xbox Gamer

Damn, this is messed up. Chris Staniforth was chatting with a friend after a job interview, felt pains in his chest, started to spasm, and passed away. Cause of death: DVT, caused by a blood clot blockage that can result after long periods of restricted movement — the reason you're given little exercise cards on aircraft. "He could play for hours and hours on end, sometimes 12 hours in a stretch," said his grieving father.

"I'm not for one minute blaming the manufacturer of Xbox. It isn't their fault that people use them for so long. But I want to highlight the dangers that can arise."

What a crazy, sad story, and full credit to his dad for recognising that it's a matter of personal responsibility rather than trying to condemn video games. As Kotaku points out, looks like the Sun managed to run the story without hacking into anyone's account, too. [The Sun via Kotaku]

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