China Slips And Reveals Its Own Cyberattacks On State TV

China Slips And Reveals Its Own Cyberattacks On State TV

In a direct contradiction to China’s official line about their never attack nations or groups online, Chinese state television CCTV briefly displayed footage showing their military students training for cyberattacks. Just enough to get then in trouble. Oops!

China’s involvement in cyberwarfare has an obviously sordid history, but their stance on the subject even in the face of attacks on Google, the Pentagon and the entire internet at large has always been the same; “It wasn’t us.” But this is the first time they’ve outed themselves, if unintentionally, with their own material.

Experts agree that the footage shown in CCTV-7’s July broadcast is likely a decade old, judging from the outmoded interfaces shown. But the WSJ reports that it’s enough to show intent. Displayed are prompts directing DDOS attacks against, a US-based Falun Gong site. Which jibes with previous reports on attacks on Falun Gong websites from a decade ago. Also:

The IP address given for the selected website-which is currently unavailable in China but accessible in the U.S.-is and is registered to the University of Alabama in Birmingham, according to at least two websites that trace IP addresses.

Taken together, this shouldn’t be surprising. Now it’s just the waiting for China to own up to it. [WSJ]