Canon 5D MK II Makes Itself A Home In Hollywood

The Canon 5D MkII has been called a "game-changer" since it debuted three years ago. Its cinema-quality video mode and affordable price tag attracted indie filmmakers. Now Hollywood's calling its name and it's revolutionising the action shot as we know it.

Captain America is the latest blockbuster film to admit to using the DSLR in its filming.

The press release from Canon reads as follows:

Throughout the [filming of Captain America] , the 5D Mark II was used to shoot motion sequences that were seamlessly integrated with the production's 35mm film footage.

In other words, if they hadn't told us, we'd be none the wiser.

This begs the question, what other movies have used (or are currently using) the Canon in lieu of traditional cameras? "Iron Man 2" did. But as superheroes, both Iron Man and Captain America are very much "geek" oriented so it would make sense for them to tell us this just to get our butts into the theatre.

I would be more surprised if the 5D wasn't being used in most modern action movies considering its advantages. Its size makes it perfect for mounting just about anywhere (not just the head). According to Captain America director of photography, Jonathan Taylor, the 5D lets him record angles that you can't obtain with a larger 35mm camera. And it's more than just a gimmick,

The thing with action is that the more angles you can shoot, the faster the cuts you can use, and the more energy you get into a sequence.

Basically, if you're an action cinematographer who isn't using the 5D, you aren't making your movie the best it can be.

And the 5D is just the beginning. As time goes on, expect to see more and more movies shot using DSLRs and new DSLR models dedicated to shooting video. Eventually "Big Budget Film Uses Only Full Frame Film Camera" will be the newsworthy headline, not the other way around. [Imaging Resource via Petapixel and Petapixel]

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    It depends how you define "cinema-quality". These cameras have a relatively low measured resolution and, because of the way the sensor is sampled down from the super high still resolution, suffer from aliasing and moiré artefacts when used to record areas of fine detail. If you take measures to avoid the weaknesses, though, they make pretty nice images which blow anything else in the price range away.

    i remember they recorded a whole episode of House once and the camera guys loved 'em.

      They filmed the last episode of season 6 exclusively with the 5D Mark II, it worked so well that all of season 7 was filmed with only 5D Mark IIs.

      I am a avid amateur film maker and photographer, and both my 5D Mark II and 7Ds have both been brilliant for both photography and cinematography. I love em!

    "These cameras have a relatively low measured resolution”

    1080p - Good enough for HD TV.

    I have a 5DII and i am very good at spotting its footage (crushed blacks are easy to spot) and i see plenty of it used around the place. I noticed “Getaway” using it for some of their footage.

    It is not perfect but if its footage is difficult to separate from +$100,000 pro cinema setups, then that is amazing

    I wish Canon would just release the Mark III already.

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