C-3PO Hates 3DTV Too

The British actor Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO, commented at Panasonic's exclusive bundling of the Star Wars Blu-ray boxset with selected products that he's "quite happy, in a luddite kind of way, to see things on a [2D]screen".

Going on, he said that he has "a problem with sitting in my own sitting room and being surprised by things coming into the room. I don't expect things to come out my television!" Star Wars' stunt co-ordinator Nick Gillard is surprisingly not keen on 3D either, saying "I hate 3D!" and that even in 2D, he wasn't that impressed by James Cameron's Avatar: "I saw Avatar on non-3D and I thought it was pretty average."

Panasonic's bundling the boxset with the BDT110, 210, 310 and PWT500 Blu-ray players, the BWT700 and BWT800 recorders and BTT270, BTT262, BTT370, BTT362, BTT775 and BFT800 Blu-ray home theatre systems from August 12 to December 31, in the UK. I'm awaiting details on whether this deal will spread to other countries as well, so stay tuned. [TechRadar]

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