Build A Military-Grade Camera-Flinging Grenade Launcher For $US500

Israel's remote-video beaming camera launcher is a pretty hot military toy. But it's a strictly military toy. Unless you build your own. Two hardcore modders hacked together a camera-launching flare gun that's every bit as badass as the real thing.

Vlad Gostom and Joshua Marpet dropped their DIY dynamo at this year's Defcon, and it's one impressive (non-violent!) gun. Instead of a 40mm grenade tube, it uses a civilian flare launcher and a 5.8GHz transmitter strapped to a video camera "grenade". The result? A moving snapshot of your surroundings. Extremely useful if you're about to storm an embankment, but outside of Kabul, it's got plenty of civilian uses, PopSci explains: "Ensuring full coverage of a search area in a rescue operation, say, or drawing a bead on a target in a hostage situation."

Personally, I'd rather have a homemade version of the taser-launching Shadowhawk. [TechWorld via PopSci]

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