BMW's i8 Electric Supercar Looks Like Sex On Wheels

Wow, and I thought the Tesla Roadster was a good looking electric ride. We've seen sneaky spy shots of BMW's carbon-fibre/aluminium plug-in hybrid before, but it's now taken centre stage in Germany. Slated for a 2014 release, the i8 has an electric-only range of 34km at the moment, but its 220 horsepower petrol engine will hit 100kph in under 5 seconds. Oh, and it'll include a similarly-Tron-esque dashboard display and mobile app. Pics and video!

BMW also showcased its all-electric town car concept which is expected to arrive in 2013. Previously known as the 'MegaCity' concept, the i3 is built using the same material as its sports car sibling, and has a 170 horsepower EV engine with projected range of 160km, and a 150kph top speed. [BMW via Autoblog]

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