Beer Is Good: Happy International Beer Day

Beer Is Good: Happy International Beer Day

Haven’t you heard? August 5th is International Beer Day! Not that people need an excuse to go crazy over beer but hey, we’re not ones to judge. Take a look at some of our favourite beer related posts:

Canned Beer Is The Future of Good Beer

America makes some of the world’s finest beers. And now those beers are getting the conveyance they deserve: cans. Why do people always sit in a circle?


Open a Beer With The Opena iPhone 4 Case

We’ve seen a lot of bottle opener cases, but the Opena is one that seems to work well and look good at the same time. The Opena has a discreet bottle opener that slides out when you need it and retracts when you are done. More »

The Self-Proclaimed “Most Epic Beer Commercial Ever” Is Probably the Most Epic Beer Commercial Ever

I don’t know if this is the most epic beer commercial ever, but it’s the nerdiest for sure. I was sold right when the Knight Rider soundtrack kicked in but, by the time Bruce Lee appeared, I was dying for a pint. More »

The Secret of Beer Goggles Discovered

British researchers have discovered why alcohol drinking makes other people look better. The reason is linked to humans’ preference for symmetrical faces. More »


Bloat-Resistant Beer Probably Tastes Like Pee Water

Molson Coors is releasing Animee, a new bloat-resistant beer targeted at women. Supposedly, the brewery spent two years developing the “lightly sparkling and finely filtered” beer that comes in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé and zesty lemon. More »


This Machine Fills Up Beer from the Bottom of the Glass

BottomsUP Beer is a beer tap that pours beer from the bottom of the glass. Yep, the bottom. It’s supposedly way faster than the old fashioned way and most definitely way more ridiculously mind blowing. More »

Don’t Worry, Deep-Fried Beer is On Its Way

Like little pieces of ravioli, Mark Zable’s deep-fried beer “tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer.” Tantalizingly, he’s claiming that “nobody has been able to fry a liquid before.” More »