Beef Jerky-Potato Chip Hybrid Is The Pinnacle Of Human Innovation

Inventors: You can stop trying now. Your laptops cannot feed the world. Your smartphones are not crunchy AND meaty. The masterminds behind Cherkees have beaten you.

Cherkees combines two of my favourite things, beef jerky and potato chips. Let me be absolutely clear. These are NOT beef jerky-flavoured potato chips. Cherkees are real beef jerky AND potato chips AT THE SAME TIME. (Emphasis Cherkees'. And a little bit mine.) They are high-protein and low-fat just like beef jerky, but they're crispy and crunchy just like a potato chip.

The only problem I have with these is that they aren't in my mouth right now.

You can currently get Cherkees in Cracked Pepper and Hot Pepper flavours, but Teriyaki and Smokehouse (I assume that's BBQ) are on their way soon. Available online, an 80g bag will run you $US5 and a 160g bag will run you $US10 (plus shipping and handling). Seriously, the ISS, iPhone and the Bugatti Veyron can all go f**k themselves. Cherkees for the win. [Cherkees via FOODBEAST]

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