Ashton Kutcher’s Trailer Has Seven 60-Inch 3D Plasma TVs

Check out these pics of Kutcher’s obnoxious on-set home while shooting Two And a Half Men. The 16-metre trailer costs $8750 a week to rent, has a thumb scanner to enter the master bedroom, and the integrated 360-degree video surveillance even switches the TVs from what you’re watching to show who’s knocking at the front door.

Called, “Baby Girl”, the trailer is designed by Anderson Mobile Estates, and extends out to create a second storey. A three storey trailer called the “Sky Box” is coming soon.

Will Smith also had an Anderson trailer while shooting Men in Black III recently. Called “The Heat”, it included a recording studio, sound booth, glass doors that with sensors that could turn off transparency, and a make-up mirror that doubled as a TV (in case the other 42-inchers on board weren’t enough). Damn. [Anderson Mobile Estates via Daily Mail]

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