AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 For Android: Liven Up Your Phone With GIFs

AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2 For Android: Liven Up Your Phone With GIFs

If you didn’t know, we love GIFs here at Gizmodo. They’re little internet treasures that you hold on to forever. But you know what needs more GIFs? Your phone. AnimGIF for Android turns your favourite GIFs into wallpapers.

What’s it do?

It’s a wallpaper “app” that lets you use any GIF you find on the world wide web as your phone’s wallpaper. I put app in quotes because its actually more like a settings option, the app is only visible as another option when you want to change wallpapers. It’s really smart though, I just mindlessly downloaded a bunch of GIFs straight to my phone from sites like mmminimal and the GIFs auto-adjusted themselves just fine. The app also has settings to shuffle through your GIF collection, set intervals of the animation, adjust quality resize and more. It gives your phone a brand new personality.

Why do we like it?

I dare you to ask why we need a GIF wallpaper app when almost all Android phones have Live Wallpapers already? HOW DARE– I can’t believe you asked! Well, young pup. Live Wallpapers try too hard. GIFs are honed by warriors of the internet and shaped by mouse-clicking artisans, they don’t just capture a moment, they let it live forever. Live wallpapers, in comparison, are re-vomited by mainstream big box companies who want to kill your battery so you have to buy a new phone. AnimGIF does a good job at letting you control how much battery you want to use with levels of options for those who happen to have battery to burn (rare on Android). More battery power, more control power over GIF quality. At the end of the day, if you just want the simple animated GIF, the battery drain isn’t a dealbreaker.

AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2

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