Android Users 12% More Likely To Own Pets, And Other Pointless Survey Findings

Normally we don't like to give much credence to PR stunt surveys, but Hunch polled 15,000 people — FIFTEEN THOUSAND — and found some surprising results. Did you know that iPhoners eat rice bubbles, and Android-droids prefer Cheerios?

Other questions were asked of the large pool of people too: apparently iPhone users are 50 per cent more likely to have used the internet prior to 1992 (liars, the lot of them!), 60 per cent more likely to own American Express cards and Android users 12 per cent more likely to own pets, and 100 per cent more likely to be PC users. And BlackBerry users? Well, they tend to be more well-travelled than the other platform users, but surprisingly more liberal.

In other findings, the survey found that women were more likely to prefer the Windows Phone OS. Windows phone users were also politically middle of the road, but also extroverted. BlackBerry users were evenly split among men and women, were politically liberal, but more likely to be introverted. Check out all the other random bits of findings — including preferred ice cream flavour! — in the infographic down below.

I should probably remind you that the reason companies perform surveys is usually to drum up attention or traffic to their product, rather than conduct any actual scientific work, so give Hunch that pay-off they so obviously want by visiting their site: [Hunch via Electronista]

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