Alternate Histories Does The Monster Mash-Up

Alternate Histories Does The Monster Mash-Up

You want to get kids excited about US civics? Then quit with this “One if by land, two if by sea” drivel and give them what they want: Godzilla stomping LA. Etsy artist Alternate Histories has recreated pivotal moments in US history — but with monsters. [Etsy via Apartment Therapy]

The Beast in Boston Harbour

The Boston Tea Party was actually a two-fold success. Not only did it severely (and much deservedly) piss off the British, it drove off that pesky man-eating Harbour Beast. It’s a win-win!

The Signing of the Declaration of Independence

The Mechanical Man signed the Declaration of Independence — everybody knows that. His signature is the QR code just under John Hancock’s.

Floating Saucer Crafts and the Chicago Fire

Yeah, sure, a cow kicked over a kerosene lamp — keep telling yourself that. But I’ve never seen a saucer-shaped flying cow what shoots lasers, have you?

The Destruction of the Washington Monument

What? Everybody knows the current Washington Monument is a fake. The original monument was destroyed in the first recorded occurrence of macro-tentacle porn in the New World.

The Menacing of the East River Bridge

Dammit, people — who unleashed the Kraken? Do you have any idea how many maidens we’ll have to use to get that thing back in its cage?