Acer's Ultrabook And 7-inch Tablet Hit Australia Next Month

Remember all the way back to Monday when Acer's founding father said that tablets and MacBook Air thin, sub-$US1000 Ultrabooks are a fad? Someone missed the memo, because Gizmodo just received word that Acer's Ultrabook will arrive first, followed a few weeks later by the delayed 7-inch Iconia Tab A100, which will be around $500.

The Ultrabook in question could be the rumoured MacBook Air-esque Aspire 3951 (pictured, after leaked pics of the 13.3-incher emerged this week).

As an Ultrabook, Acer's new machine will feature Sandy Bridge and a solid state hard disk, but we don't really know too much more just yet.

Meanwhile, the Iconia Tab A100's specs include a dual core Tegra 2 processor and 8GB storage running Android Honeycomb. It'll have HDMI/USB/MicroUSB connectivity, and Wi-Fi or 3G options. It's also very likely that you'll be able to pick up the latter through a carrier like Telstra or Optus, but we'll have to wait and see.

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    I used to think 7" tablets were too small and too close to phone size to be useful, but after having a 10" ASUS Transformer for 2 months, I've decided that 10" is far big a tablet size for me.
    Very much looking forward to selling it off and waiting for all the second-generation 7" honeycomb tablets to come in.

      How about the 8.9 inch sweet spot?

      Personally I love the physical form factor of 7 inch tablets like the original Galaxy Tab, but found the screen too small. In an ideal world, they'd use roughly the same size shell, but with an edge-to-edge screen.

    Apparently the Tab's only going to be $300 in the US >:(

      Not clear if that's the 3G version or not. Either way, looks like we'll be paying a premium.

    I'm never buying an Acer laptop again no matter how much hype goes into the form factor, after mine's hard disk has died and been replaced and now the battery doesn't charge. Did I mention it's just over a year old? Also it has one of the worst screens I've ever seen.

    i was never a fan of acer laptops but i bought an 1810T last year because it was on sale and it was awesome. i'm back in the market now and if this matches the 1810T's reliability, then acer's in for a winner in my books

    Might get a 7 inch tablet with 3G and GPS and use it as a car Satnav with Tomtom, Sygic, Navigon or whatever software.

    still waiting for the asus ux21 :D

    I just bought a Suli 7inch Android tablet and it works as good as an Ipad. With a price of about $250.00, it fits into a cars glove department, the centre console of many cars and of course into ladies handbags. An 11 inch tablet seems to be not here or there, to big for travel and too small for commercial use.

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