Acer Totally Rips Off The New MacBook Air

It's happened again! Sincerest form of flattery, etc, etc. Leaked pics of Acer's rumoured Aspire 3951 "looks very familiar" (is a complete clone of) the refreshed MacBook Air, both inside and out. SSD, Sandy Bridge, light and thin.

Acer's version is slightly thinner and slightly heavier than Apple's original, but only to an extent that an electronic scale will notice. Beyond dimensions, the entire industrial design has been copy and pasted. The aluminium frame — same shape. The wide, buttonless trackpad. The chiclet keyboard. The MacBook-y black hinge. Everyone wants a lean and light (and powerful!) laptop, but it's clear Acer's trying to cash in on Cupertino's design prowess. It certainly wouldn't be the first time someone's tried it.

Maybe people will be confused and by an Aspire by accident? They can only hope. One feature that hasn't been ripped off is Apple's price tag, with the Aspire expected to cost between $US770 and $US960, Engadget reports. So, we'll see. If you want a MacBook Air without the software, maybe this will be your best bet. Or maybe it just looks like it. [Sohoa via Engadget]

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