A Classic Briefcase Stays Relevant In The Laptop Era

A conventional briefcase is unnecessary for most people these days because they don't lug around thaaaaaat many papers anymore. What workerbees do keep affixed to their sides are laptops. A properly-outfitted case, like this Tanner Krolle one, would do fine.

Once a staple of the '50s, the New York Slim Line case now has dedicated space for your computer, a charger, plus any documents or extra supplies you need to transport. Made with either tanned leather or soft calf, you'll still give off the essence of corporate luxury and prestige, like you're some sort of mid-century Manhattanite. But you'll still look aware of the fact that it's 2011. Expect to throw down about $US2000 for this one. [Tanner Krolle via Classic Driver via Born Rich]

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