9 Laboratories That Created The Modern World

9 Laboratories That Created The Modern World

Sure Frankenstein’s lab had that green guy and Dr. Weird’s housed a gigantic mecha-bunny but these labs! These lairs of some of sciences greatest minds have given the world electricity, television, the Internet, and LSD!

Albert Hoffman’s LSD Lab

The Swiss didn’t invent the cuckoo clock (the Germans did) but they did invent acid. The Sandoz lab where LSD was synthesized.

James Watt’s Attic Workshop

James Watt is perhaps the most important inventor of the Industrial Revolution. He was relegated to this attic workshop in his house near Birmingham, England by his wife. The busts are there as a result of a device he was creating to copy sculptures.

Marconi’s Laboratory

A re-construction of Marconi’s laboratory as it would have been in the Spring of 1895 when he sent his first Wireless signal

Marie Curie’s Laboratory in the Parisian Latin Quarter

Austere and short of supplies.

Radio Tube Inventor John Ambrose Flemming’s Steam-Driven Lab

Ironically, an impressive amount of steam powered equipment for one of the fathers of electricity.

Tesla’s Laboratory in Colorado Springs

Although Tesla appears to be nonchalantly reading while sparks fly around him – this was a trick publicity shot. A double exposure was taken, one with Tesla and one with sparks.

Thomas Edison’s Laboratory at Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Tim Berners Lee’s Office

The room at CERN where Tim Berners Lee wrote the original proposal for the web.

TV Inventor John Logie Baird in his Laboratory

A supremely messy desk. Quite different from today’s post tube clean rooms where assembly of electronics takes place.