7 Tools To Stay Dry When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

7 Tools To Stay Dry When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

The weather in Sydney today proves that winter is not quite over yet. So when foul winds begin to swirl, reach for these devices to protect you — and your gadgets — from the elements.

Above shot from a happy? customer of the Blade Runner-Style LED Umbrella, via ThinkGeek.

Blade Runner-Style LED Umbrella

Whether you’re hunting replicants on the pouring, dark streets of 2019 Los Angeles or just practising your Cityspeak at the noodle shop, keep dry and illuminated with this Blade Runner-Style LED Umbrella. The shaft lights up with the flick of a button and runs on three LR44 batteries. $US25.


Now I’m not saying that you’ll look like a jackass wearing the hands-free Nubrella, but I am thinking it pretty hard. It rests on the shoulders using a proprietary strap system and is designed to never invert like normal umbrellas do, but yeah — you’ve got to wear it. $US40.

SLR Camera Case

Sure, taking your Nikon D90 on that trip to Niagra Falls seemed like a good idea — until you dropped it off the observation deck. Shoulda packed it in a Aquapac SLR Camera Case. They’re waterproof to 5m, include a clear pvc lens to shoot through, and float. $US140.

Surge Waterproof Headphones

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking around bareheaded in a monsoon or diving for abalone, the Surge headphones will keep working in up to 3.6m of water. They’re designed to automatically align with the ear canal for a snug, watertight fit and minimise stress on the cord. $US50.

Chrome Soyuz Laptop bag

Biking through the rain is bad enough — opening your bag to find your spare set of clothes soaked is a downright day-breaker. The Chrome Soyuz laptop bag holds 26 litres of gear, fits up to a 17-inch MacBook, features waterproof welded seams and a watertight roll-top closure. $US160.

Patagonia Men’s Rain Shadow Jacket

For showers, you don’t need a heavy-duty fur-lined parka to keep you warm, you need a waterproof shell to keep you dry during the downpour and to quickly wick moisture afterwards. The Patagonia Rain Shadow keeps you cool and dry with its lightweight 2.5-ply nylon construction, waterproof H2No barrier and Deluge& DWR finish. $US180.

HPX Ocean Drysuit

Nor’ Easter’? Psssh. With the HPX Ocean Drysuit, you could sit on an iceburg in the North Atlantic through three Nor’ Easter’s and barely notice. It protects against wind, waves, rain and cold. It even includes an inflatable lining for additional insulation, allowing you to survive up to three hours in 4C swells if you happen to fall in. $US1600.

Top image: Shutterstock