7 Tools To Assemble The Ultimate Dorm Room

7 Tools To Assemble The Ultimate Dorm Room

Welcome to university! Your dorm room will look nothing like the image above, but it doesn’t hurt to have something to aspire to. We’re here to help you make your place less of a condemned rat’s nest.

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Nuwave Infrared Tabletop Oven

You probably won’t be doing a lot of cooking during your stint in the dorms, but you’ll probably have plenty of left over Taco Bell to reheat for breakfast. Microwaves will make your food all soggy and rubbery. How about this tabletop oven that uses infrared heating to make your food nice and crispy. $US140.

Klipsch G17 AirPlay speaker

Space is limited in a dorm room. Why don’t you and your roommate share a speaker? The Klipsch G17 AirPlay Speaker will let the both of you connect wirelessly and when the both of you inevitably enter the phase of your relationship where you hate each other’s guts, it won’t end in the two of you attempting to drown out the other’s music. $US530.

Bulbar Portable Bar

Once you get settled, you’ll inevitably want to throw a 10-person rager in your dorm room. Kegs are cool and all, but what about the hard stuff? Break out this portable bar that unfolds from a suitcase-sized package in minutes and will have you serving drinks in no time. If the RA tries to kill your fun, just have your friends pull a stall tactic for a couple of minutes while you pack it all up. $US2000.

Speakeasy Cocktail Recipe App

If you’re going to have a portable bar in your room, at least know how to mix a proper drink. Your grandparents bought you that iPad for “textbooks” and “learning”. You’ll use it to consult the Speakeasy iPad app for the best drink recipes. $US10.

Lark Un-Alarm Clock

You have that 8am class on Wednesday where attendance is mandatory. You’ll probably go out and get hammered on a Tuesday night. Waking up will not be easy. But though you set your alarm for 7am, that snooze button will be hit again, and again, and again. Make your roommate hate you less and strap a Lark on your wrist, which silently buzzes you when it’s time to wakeup. That way, they don’t have to wake up when you do. $US130.

Samsung SA950 3D Monitor

What’s the point of doing shrooms and watching Avatar if you’re not going to watch it in 3D. Obviously you won’t have a full-size TV in your matchbox, but you could probably squeeze this lovely looking monitor in there, next to your blacklight and psychedelic Jimi Hendrix posters. It’s the only way to properly appreciate the glorious dragon rape scenes. Wait, did I just say that aloud? $US690.[imgclear]

Sheex Performance Bedsheets

Performance bedsheets. Self explanatory. $US200.