6 Yo-Yo Masters Performing Mind-Bending String Feats

6 Yo-Yo Masters Performing Mind-Bending String Feats

The 2011 World Yo-Yo Championships wrapped up in Orlando, Florida, last Saturday. Here are the winning performers from each of division — all with their own hardware and stunt styles — pulling off tricks you can’t even fathom.

Division 1A: Marcus Koh

The player manipulates a long string (with a sleeping yo-yo at the end) to perform tricks.

Division 2A: Shinji Saito

Two yo-yos simultaneously.

Division 3A: Hank Freeman

The same idea as Div. 1A but with twice as many yo-yos.

Division 4A: Naoto Okada

The yo-yo is not attached, useful for playing catch with oneself.

Division 5A: Takeshi Matsuura

Yo-yo on one end of the string, a counterweight on the other. No fingers necessary.

Division AP (Artistic Performance): Takahiko Hasegawa

Freestyle yo-yo-ing. With props.