6 Tools To Make Your Disgusting Bathroom Pristine Again

6 Tools To Make Your Disgusting Bathroom Pristine Again

Your bathroom is filthy. Drains are clogged, tiles are stained and mildew is crawling up the walls. It doesn’t just need a cleaning, it needs to be purified. Here are six tools to help make your bathroom sparkle.

Steam Mop

If you can count the time between major bathroom cleanings in years, and not months, it’s probably a bacterial hotbed. Give it a steam cleaning with a power mop. Not only will the Reliable Steamboy T1 kill germs, but the entire process is chemical-free, which is good for your health. $US150.

Self-Cleaning Toilet

Toilets are the vile, foul, insipid receptacles of filth. Don’t touch that thing. Instead, buy a Regio Smart Toilet, whose bowl has a bacteria-resistant surface and a design that cleans with every flush. You’ll be happier this way. Trust me.$US5900.

Sonic Scrubber

Your sink is caked in toothpaste-laden spittle and hard water stains. You’ll need a tool that’s up to the task of polishing your basin back to a cleanly state. How about a scrubber with some power — battery power. The Sonic Scrubber oscillates at 10,000 scrubs a minute, and has nice big bristles for eliminating gunk. $US15.

Drain Cleaner

Don’t forget about all the lurking dirtiness you can’t see. Your drain is probably clogged full of hair and grime and other things you don’t want to imagine. Zip Its are flexible, barbed, plastic rods of varying lengths and thicknesses that will let you clear that drains so they don’t back up and threaten to flood your bathroom. Oh, god, that video is disgusting. $US4.

iRobot Mini Scooba

A robot cleaner might not be up to the task of deep cleaning, but there are still areas of the bathroom you don’t want to go mucking about in. Behind the toilet is definitely one of those places. Luckily, the iRobot’s smaller Scooba 230 can crawl around in that space and save you the indignity. $US300.

Super Sponge

Making the ring of dirt inside the bathtub disappear is always a pain in the arse. The Magic Jetz Scrubz sponge is made of rubber that won’t scratch your tub, and (they swear) it will last for years. $US5.