3G MacBook Pro Prototype Heads Back To Apple

Apple isn't too keen with their prototypes ending up in the wild, no matter how old they are or how they got there. The 3G MacBook Pro that appeared on eBay, garnered an incredible $US70,000 bid before being pulled by Apple, is now awaiting transport back to Apple at their insistence.

The temporary owner Carl Frega, purchased the prototype from Craiglist for parts. He was surprised when the MacBook contained the tell-tale red circuit boards found in Apple prototypes and of course, the 3G antenna and SIM card slot that got the machine so much attention on eBay.

The prototype MacBook Pro seems to match a patent filed in 2008.

Frega told CNET that Apple has someone coming by this afternoon to pick up the prototype. No word on whether Apple intends on compensating Frega for the MacBook Pro.

CNET has the entire sordid affair including a lawsuit and Judge Mathis. Yeah, that Judge Mathis. [CNET]

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