13Save App Lets You Avoid To 13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Developed on the side by Amaysim’s IT director, 13Save does what it says on the tin: it finds alternatives to the costly 13/18 numbers used to reach banks, insurance and phone companies. Pretty useful if your mobile plan slaps you with higher rates for these calls.

It’s not a new app, but I’m new fan. The cost ($1.99) will easily pay for itself, and over 100 institutions are listed, though not always intuitively. The app couldn’t find a result when I searched for “Commonwealth Bank”, but when I scrolled to the C listings, I saw there was indeed a CBA option, and it found the best local number for me to call.

I asked Amaysim if there’s a version of the App for other platforms, like Android, planned. You’ll be pleased to hear that they’re planning it. [13Save]

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