10 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Slow-Motion Videos You’ve Ever Seen

10 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Slow-Motion Videos You’ve Ever Seen

When we heard about the new Phantom v1610, which shoots at a preposterous 1,000,000 fps and and is probably the most powerful slow motion camera ever, we were pretty excited. Here are some of our favourite slo-mo videos ever.

Egg Meets Mousetrap

Pretty much anything you’d want to break, destroy, or just make a mess of is taken care of in Philip Heron’s Tempus II.

Light Bulb Exploding

This exploding light bulb could just as easily be the birth or death of a galaxy in the black of space. There’s light, and then there’s not.

Russian T-90Tank

We put cute things under the slow-motion microscope. Jelly, water balloons, even punches to the face are pretty much the lightest-weight form of weaponry available to man. So watching a tank blow shit up at 18,000fps is as refreshing as it is awesome.

A Roadblock That Demolishes Cars

You know that bit about large-scale destruction being a great part of slow motion? Well it counts for double when the thing that’s being destructed isn’t really supposed to get obliterated in everyday life. Kind of like a 6800kg truck getting annihilated by a roadblocking net.

Adorable OCD Chipmunk

What’s there to say here, really? AWWWWWWWWWWW.

Giant Jiggly Water Balloon

Water balloons look cool when they explode in slow motion, but what about one so massive that it doesn’t even budge when a mostly-fully-grown male does a front flip onto it? Yes. Yes please.


Make all the Barry Allen or Marky Mark jokes you want, but these vibrations are great, great viewing.

Bullet Impacts at One Million FPS

The resolution on this one isn’t great, but if we’re going to talk about a million frames a second, you’d best start with this video. The bullets look more like they’re blowing into a T-1000 than a solid surface.


Look, there was no way you were getting to the end of this list without one of these.