WSJ Begins Great iPhone 6 Rumour Bonanza

We're all still having a hard enough time cobbling together enough worthwhile rumourage surrounding the iPhone 5 - a new screen? Thinner? Sure! But now the WSJ has gone and started talking about the iPhone 6. Ugh.

The Journal's report claims - according to a Person Briefed on Apple's Plans™ - that the I-can't-believe-I'm-typing-this iPhone 6 will have "a new way of charging". And that's about as far as the rumour mill grinds. Does this mean HP-style inductance charging, as BGR speculates? Maybe! Could it mean pretty much anything? Yes. We'll have to wait until 2012, when the WSJ says this phone from the near future will arrive.

Really dudes, let's get the check for one rumour bender before we open up a new tab. [WSJ]

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