Would You Eat Jello Made From Humans?

I have an on/off relationship with gelatin as is, but human-derived gelatin? Ugh, someone pass me the agar-agar, please. Scientists are exploring this closer-to-home substitute to rule out possible infections carried from the animals the gelling agent is made from.

Apparently there are also issues with ensuring a level of consistency with gelatin, due to the various animals and parts used in the mixture, plus the more obvious threats of mad cow disease and other infections. Bizarre, when no-one seems to have a problem eating meat.

Personally, I'd rather have my marshmallows taste slightly different each time than chew on a Haribo made from human genes mixed with yeast - no offence. Something we can anticipate for the future, though fingers crossed food capsules land before commercial human-gelatin ever does. [Eurekalert via PopSci]

Image: Steven Depolo

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