Would You Drink Urine Sports Drinks? NASA Wants Astronauts To

This so-called "sugar drink" will be made from urine using "forward osmosis" technology, and rather than providing astronauts with all the sugary nutrients they might need, it's been invented as a way to recycle human waste and keep rocket-ships light.

Apparently a bag of urine can be turned into a sugary drink in just a couple of hours, using a syringe attached to the receptacle bag—a method which is cheaper than drawing power from the ship, as current urine filtration systems work.

While there's no way I would agree to drinking my own or fellow astronauts' urine, space crew of the future might not have a choice, where every pound of added weight equates to $US10,000 of cost. The water conversion kit is accompanying the Atlantis space crew on a trip this Friday, but instead of using urine this time, they've lucked out—for now!—with Nasa supplying them with water bags instead. [Wired via Inhabitat]

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    If people understood the chemistry behind these things, they would understand that if NASA's filtration system works perfectly, the produced "sport's drink" would be identical to some of our commercial sports drinks.

    The real question is however: Is their system 100% perfect

      Yep, but NASA isn't the only ones using this tech, in fact the entire town of "Toowoomba" in the Darling Downs is using recycled sewage water as part of it's drought mitigation system.... When it was first decided to use it, a bunch of people decided that they would rather live somewhere else... Heh, heh,... Pussies!!

    the future looks bright!

    I for one welcome our future urine drinking overlords..

    Yeah, we're all drinking each others' urine that has been filtered.

    Do you pee in a toilet? Do you drink from a tap? There you go.

    As 'If it's safe then it's good' said, think about the chemistry. As long as it's done 100%, no problem.

    It's just the 'ick factor'.

      They are not drinking urine, Urine contain 95% water, it not that hard to filter it out to get pure water. We all shower and drink recycle water, you dont get headline saying "Would you shower and drink sewage?"

        Same kinda people who, upon mention of hemp clothing, rope, whatever, can not RESIST saying 'can ya smoke it hurr durr'

    what flavours does it come in :)

      Strong "Last nights Beer" & "Morning WTF did I do last night" .. ;]

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