Woman Who Lost Half Her Brain Gains New Artistic Ability

Taisia Sidorova, a 21-year-old woman from St Petersburg, Russia, smashed her skull and damaged her brain during a horrific car crash. It was so bad that doctors didn't expect Taisia to ever recover. Amazingly, three years later, she's better and has developed a new artistic ability that didn't even exist before.

After the car crash, Doctors had to remove the damaged left hemisphere of Taisia's brain, the part of the brain that's responsible for logic and analysis. They warned Taisia's mother that she'd be disabled for the rest of her life. But by the will of herself and the love of her family, she began the slow climb back, slowly regaining some motor skills. Taisia's mother says:

"That was when she started sketching - for therapy - although she'd never been interested in that before. And she was really good too. We bought her some paints as well and is now top of the class for her creations."

Art teacher Ludmilla Ostrowski describes Taisia's new talent:

"I would never have rated her artistic ability before but she's like a new person now - she has a natural talent for art. It is incredible."

If art is supposed to tell a story, I don't know if there's any better than Taisia's. [Daily Mail]

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