Windows 7 Tablets Outselling The BlackBerry PlayBook Globally

OK, it's not exactly fair to compare Windows 7-based tablets — from a variety of hardware makers — against one single tablet and OS, but it's not like the Windows tablets are jumping off shelves, either. Still, according to Stategy Analytics, Windows tablets have a 4.6 per cent share to the PlayBook's 3.3 per cent.

No surprise that Apple leads the pack with 61.3 per cent in Q2 2011, again, according to SA. The research firm didn't break down the Android based tablet makers (Samsung, Asus, Motorola, etc) — but did say that that Google's Android platform powers a 30.1 per cent share of tablets sold worldwide in Q2 this year. Overall, tablet sales are said to have increased over 300 per cent since last year. [Digital Trends]

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