Will Sydney's Facebook Booze Deliveries Continue?

Heard about the 24-hour alcohol delivery guys that had been taking orders on Facebook? Well, they were until the NSW Liquor Office slapped 'em with a $2420 fine Wednesday. But the story may not end there. In their most recent Facebook posts, The Beer Baron says "it's business as usual" and The Blind Pig says "The Pig lives on!"

It's illegal to sell takeaway alcohol after midnight, but the boys from Glebe got around that by bundling orders with food or flowers and calling them "gifts". What got them done was the fact that they don't hold a liquor license.

$2500 isn't chump change, so it remains to be seen if the services will actually keep operating. They face a maximum of fine of $11,00 and 12 months jail if caught again, but man, points for trying. [SMH]

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