Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom Tablet Available Today

Telstra’s been selling the 3G Xoom outright for $840 (and also, like Optus subsidises it on contract)—but you can now grab the $690 Wi-Fi version if you’re strapped for cash.

It’ll start showing up at JB Hi-Fi and other retailers from today. The new model will ship with Android 3.1 versus Android 3.0 (which includes a variety of updates), and finally activate the SD card slot to improve your memory expansion options. Worth noting: existing Xoom owners will be able to download the software update over 3G, Wi-Fi or from Motorola’s Australian web site in July.

In our original review, Giz rated the Xoom Tablet as very good, despite feeling unfinished. With some of these updates in place, can you see yourself heading into JB to have a play around?

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