Why I'm Stoked That Yelp Is Coming To Australia

I'm glad to be back home in Sydney, but Yelp is one of the few things that I still miss from living in the States. The restaurant tips site morphed into a feature-packed, heavily trafficked business review app for phones — and seriously craps on anything we've got here: I'm looking at you Google Places and TrueLocal. So we're ripe for Yelp's picking as they team up with Telstra-Sensis-Yellow Pages to open doors in Oz.

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Even before it got fancy features like daily deals, restaurant menus and an augmented reality business finder, Yelp helped me find my dentist, doctor, and countless great dinners.

San Francisco was seriously Yelp review mad (people would bust out reviews while still eating), and it definately remains to be seen how popular it will be here. They hope to launch by the end of the year — so expect to see stickers showing up at the front of your favourite local restaurant soon.

App wise, Yelp is seriously multi-platform: they've launched native iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and Palm Pre apps. Yeah, Yelp rocks. [Sensis Australia]

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