What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

With every passing week, the NBN becomes more of a permanent reality for Australians. This week: Telstra says its NBN deal won’t stop it pushing Next G wireless, PCRange CEO gets switched on like a kid at Christmas, and more!

• Telstra’s chief executive reiterated that though the deal signed by Telstra last week includes an agreement not to directly market against the NBN, he plans to continue promoting Next G wireless “very, very strongly”. [Gizmodo]

• The CEO of PCRange moved suburbs in Adelaide so he could be among the first hooked up to fibre. “I’m live and it’s a cracker…. 95.5Mbps downstream and 35.5 upload speed”. [Delimiter]

• Optus and Foxtel wouldn’t comment on what impact decommissioning Optus’ cable network might have on their pay-TV deal. [The Australian]

• The government confirmed locations in Tasmania and Darwin that will involved in the second phase roll-out of the NBN. [ABC]

• NBN Co will soon offer an interim (until 2015) satellite service to deliver high-speed broadband to rural Aussies, but the NSW Farmers Union believes more education programs and an improved, targeted approach are required for it to prove popular. [Computerworld]

• And also today: A rare event as Malcom Turnbull (Opposition comms. and broadband spokesman) and independent MP, Rob Oakeshott agree on an issue: standing shoulder to shoulder to say that the NBN shouldn’t be a monopoly. Well, that’s right. It’s not, it’s a wholesaler. But I agree we need to watch closely. Seriously, at this point—it’s not if, but how, and making sure we put the right checks and balances in place. Let’s do this constructively people. [SMH]