What Got You Talking Last Week

The Carbon Tax, Android tablets, Aussie mobile plans and Pastafarians — these are some of the top 10 most discussed and debated Gizmodo stories from last week.

5 Tips For Supermarket Self-Serve Checkouts Get through the checkout faster with this guide from a Woolworths insider. Over 60 of you have commented so far — seems you either love them or loathe 'em!

Carbon Tax Will Cost An Extra $172 To Power Your Gadgets Have you tried the government’s new Household Assistance Estimator?

Do Android Fans Prefer iPads? That's what the analysts say: what about you?

Australian Mobile Plans: How Much Data And Calls Do You Really Get? This fantastic infographic breaks it down.

Where Are All The Girls On Google+? Is Google+ a sausage fest? Not according to Gizmodo's geek girl readers.

AFACT Still Pressuring Aussie ISPs To Be Copyright Cops They're back? Did that iiNet case mean nothing??

EB Games Trading Smartphones For Store Credit Trade for cash or store credit. And get ripped-off.

Perth Woman To Internet: Hook Me Up And I’ll Give You An iPad Tea Smith, the woman of the hour, joins us in the comments.

App Stores Now Cheaper For Aussies New pricing for the App Store and Mac App Store explained.

Pastafarian Finally Gets Driver’s Licence After Wearing Colander Hat So pointless, yet so awesome.

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