Watch British News Baffled By Mysterious 'Louise Boat' Hackers

The only thing more embarrassing than the media awkwardly defining "lulz" like a sex ed teacher explaining blowjobs is mistaking LulzSec for an enigmatic woman named Louise. Who apparently has some sort of boat. It's a "hacking thing", you see.

The shockingly clueless team at Sky News scratched their heads as they watched The Sun's website redirect to LulzSec's Twitter feed - named The LulzBoat. Or, if you have trouble reading and/or understanding the current events you're being paid to inform the viewing public about, the Louise Boat. This boat was very hard to figure out!

"Who is the Louise Boat?," pondered one pundit, who apparently thought the boat was a person. "It's some hacking thing," clarifies another expert. Ah. Ah. "Who is Louise Boat?," he asks again? "I don't know who Louise Boat is," laments the host.

Well, if they don't know, then I sure as hell don't know. Damn you Louise! Damn you and your boat to hell. [via Inquirer]

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