$US3000 Bike With 4 Wheels For The Well-Heeled

It must be nice to be filthy rich - to not have to worry about making rent, to be able to shrug off $1.50/litre petrol, and have the bankroll to purchase one of these custom quad-wheeled cruisers from Autumn Sphere.

The Epitaph Cruiser is opulent, if anything. Its powder-coated steel frame is accented with aged-leather. The seat, handlebar covers and insert are all hand-made. The Epitaph also uses a single rear coaster brake to maintain the clean, fixed gear look (though you'll want to avoid long hills). Oh, and it has four wheels - oversized front and rear forks accommodating its custom double alloy rims. The production run is limited to a scant 12 cruisers with each bike retailing for $US2950 (hey, exclusivity ain't cheap). No word yet on how you'd change out flats from the twin-mounted tyres. [AutumnSphere via Born Rich]

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