Urinal For Girls Means We've Finally Reached Restroom Line Equality

Not only do girls have to deal with arseholes like us guys, but their bathroom lines are ridiculously long. You know what would make the lines faster? Urinals for girls. I'm serious. It's a thing.

Called the Pollee, it only exists in concept form but there's three different prototypes: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked. As you can imagine, each prototype gets more and more revealing with less and less wall coverings. The general design is a four-prong urinal where four girls can pee in an open-air, touch free toilet at the same time (teamwork!). Walls are put up to protect anyone from getting a peek at the next person's goodies.

According to Dezeen, the designers of the Pollee wanted to balance a private and public pee atmosphere. Too private and it's a stall, too public and it's popping a squat. I guess the goal was to maximise speed and minimise embarrassment. So sure it might be a little awkward dropping drawers next to a stranger to pee but if you want faster lines, you gotta do what you gotta do. Equality! [Peebetter via Dezeen via Designbuzz]

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