Update Watch: Moto Xoom (Telstra); Samsung Galaxy S II (Vodafone)

It's OTA update fever! Over the weekend, Telstra pushed out Android 3.1 for the Motorola Xoom tablet, which should also finally activate the SD card slot (no word yet from Optus). —Thanks Jeff. Meanwhile, there's also Vodafone-specific update to the Galaxy S II that apparently improves web browsing on that network.


    And yet us nexus 1 users still cant get 2.3 from vodafone GG.

      Best approach is to flash it onto some stock firmware. It should then automatically upgrade OTA to 2.3.x

      Instructions can be found on Whirlpool. I did it successfully, it wasn't too difficult.

        yeah i have the knowledge and ability to do so, id just rather vodafone do something right and release it OTA.

    "...Vodafone-specific update to the Galaxy S II that apparently improves web browsing on that network..."

    Dan, I think the rest of you post may have been cutoff - surely it ended with "...by enabling network roaming to Telstra and Optus networks".

    i can think why carriers want there own firmware versions. the little they make on those bloatware apps can make up for the time and cost of making the custom versions. I have made the decision to only by stoke phones its just better. i think of it like buying the directors cut blu ray rather than waiting 2 years for the movie to come out on tv and be in shitty quality with truckloads of ads and watermarks

      That's exactly the way to do it. Carriers only work to ruin devices, nothing else.

      I buy mine outright so I do NOT see why they still have the unmitigated gall to insert their crap onto my device. If I was "buying" them using the subsidised system where you pay via a plan, THEN I could understand it, but I'm not! I'm paying OVER market price for the things (because they add on their profit margin), so I believe I've earned the right to have a device that's uncrippled and unbloated.

      ...So of course I have to resort to rooting and installing stock roms etc. Something they should do FOR me.

    Oh... and Telstra just pulled the Xoom 3.1 update BTW........

      What's the word? LMK and I'll update the story. Cheers, Danny.

    The update has been paused temporarily by Telstra!

    I believe there were some battery draining and automatic reset issues!


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